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 Curse of the Pharaohs

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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مُساهمةموضوع: Curse of the Pharaohs   الخميس أبريل 05, 2012 5:34 am

Curse of the Pharaohs
Many scholars and righteous people are skeptical in the curse of the Pharaohs and return any event for reasonable cause, but why write about that curse and illustrate that curse because there is a curse and the sayings of the soothsayers, the Pharaohs and prayer according to their beliefs, as well as I asked myself the question why all this is happening and why we justify always has a chance so I was making Love to talk about the curse, there is mystery Hefei walk supported by many people and also that Lee personal experience will list them later in general it may conflict with religion and there is no need for that to transfer it coincidences with the mayors of the Pharaohs first start racing when he entered the Carter tomb of Tutankhamun, and where and rejoicing for those who dig in those graves did not care about workers and the taxpayer Carnarvon while the decline in the world Howard Carter and then was Lord Karanavon fever and died in Cairo and the bombing death most of the workers and all of the digging in the coffin was killed and Return scientists that there is some kind of fungus, microbes and snares kills explorer after the closing decades and first carried things of Tutankhamun in Cairo archaeologists run over by a car and months died curse the Pharaohs is the world's great Bilharz finder cycle schistosomiasis, due to his fame opened his coffin during a visit to the Valley of Kings and died after a day in Luxor, but there are those who died for no reason patients were secretary of Carter himself, during Ganazath died child after run over by a horse that carries the casket and the world of Alatharwaltr died after the discovery of the tomb, he says to help the curse, and so reap the death forty men, which participated Z discovery of the cemetery, says Carter has called the cemetery Sparrow Golden summoned the Lord and in the meantime, they found something strange Cobra inside the bird's Carter killed the bird and found to draw cobra on the crown of the king and many demonstrate that the curse was also from ancient times, and each of the close of the pyramids, Sphinx and there are stories about the death of the Egyptian scientist who was searching for Al-Ahram after a struggle with the disease and to demonstrate the injury curse of the pharaohs in the pyramids and T. scientists George Raziz and British Tnguibam Flinders after the Great Pyramid with some In a short time is over when the personal experience
We lived as a child in a house in the outskirts of Luxor from a long time discovered beneath by rams at the moment, but I remember the strange things happened to us in that house did not understand them and their words honestly those things made us leave the house and resort to the house of another without the knowledge of what is happening where we were seeing snakes and scorpions around the house are abnormal and are not I see it later in life snakes too long a few meters so that the Taoist was enveloped in Houla repeatedly length and deep penetrate the crowd and hands black with a length of an inch being abnormally at home in my mind it is relevant to the curse of the pharaohs, and beneath us was Sardaba statues of rams through hundreds of years later became a percentage of the animals, reptiles and exotic antique
It is written for those damn great writer Anis Mansour in his famous book The Curse of the Pharaohs is an interesting read most of the contemporaries of its issuance by the time it demonstrated the nature of things beyond the mind behind the Oshi
There are stories of the great world listed Zahi Hawass
There are foreign scholars supported the n shell behind all this
Finally, perhaps the last thing I think to interpret it that the fear behind it than it was in the king's room
And written on the wall of a room of Tutankhamun that death will spend on each of the two wings disturbs the pharaoh and tampering with things that the pharaoh and tampering Bcyprh
Mahmoud el-Ayat


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Curse of the Pharaohs
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