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 Earth-like planets in the universe

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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تاريخ التسجيل : 03/02/2012

مُساهمةموضوع: Earth-like planets in the universe   الخميس أبريل 05, 2012 5:27 am

Earth-like planets in the universe
Katra, despite thousands of years of research on the planets filled with life, has appeared Mojarama Bashbhet land is called
NASA announced since the days of the discovery of a planet similar to Earth and showed the media the news confirmed by NASA's important is the credibility of NASA and pictures about the case and drafting, which created NASA's so-called unit planets sister and their implications and then linked to science fiction, especially films Luke Sky and Okromdy credibility of human thought as The researchers ancients described the seven earths, and its population jinn and modern science is suspected in thousands of planets might be ripe for life, like Earth, which is to Athdh our solar system but extends to the universe and if we look at the fact that the Amra about twenty million years can not man overcome so far as formed. the material and the number of galaxies over one hundred million galaxies and planets and Nhomha millions, but suspects thousands just for the breadth and the universe and the very large larger than human thinking so he can not navigate that half of the Qatar universe about the march of twenty billion light years and Urkzna discussed in our galaxy, which is called the Milky Way and is located in our solar system and there are so-called area of ​​life or the key to life, where the atmosphere suitable in terms of humidity and heat Vkoakpha not too cold nor too hot and can planets contain liquid water and therefore rich in oxygen and that the earth was not represented is best to expect scientists and planets represent the best of the land and the most suitable for the life of the land is located in the Magyar Way to After fifty years Mrkzhaohy light of a star located in the group which is the average size of the sun billions of stars in the middle path and many scholars have made clear that other galaxies are far from

Alansa imagine life n times the giant galaxy Aumajrh Madromed a
The new planet has puzzle it may be similar to life before or after the words may be found faithful to our life in the form of mirrors and images of science fiction and confirmed by some Alalmeoicon us and Dean or quasi-if you go man meets himself meaning of death in general this may conflict with the faith and the Manrvdh and remember God's words to Tercbn according dish truth of God Almighty and the planet rich life-sustaining found in the region and the Milky Altbanaatalegoa his pictures and his strange, as his suns representing the climate of Washington winter and Central Africa in the summer in the sense that it contains water, life and classes and the volatility of weather, such as the land is lonely with our planet in the climate only But its size times the Earth and orbits the solar different and the nature of life are different, but Maakdth NASA and the existence of life Voukhohma hardest article since the era of man in his research in the universe confirms the existence of life beyond doubt and the question arises if there were a planet specifications of the earth climate and weather is a condition the existence of photographs of life, of course yes the presence of water is a lifeline, but the nature of Almgodat may vary in Tsourhaan planets in the universe, all with the nature of rock and gas and impossible to live all well in nature as expected rights and finally how Alsneben required rights for the manufacture of a vehicle or a missile capable of out of our solar system about the new planet rich Balehiahwaluaqa at speeds far from difficult to walk to those distances, but under the technology could reach the planet in a matter of hours and have access to Qmrashl and access of Mars easier that man dreams and mind can achieve his dreams with caring for him God is mocked him everything, and the coming days will clear more information and discoveries about the planet and its secrets will be shown by NASA scientists, as well as specialists in astronomy, and to them by a lot of research

Mahmoud Al-Ayat


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Earth-like planets in the universe
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